Donnerstag, 24. September 2009

Die Schwestern in Nürnberg / The Sisters in Nuremberg

Morgen fahre ich direkt nach der Arbeit nach Frankfurt und hole zwei Damen ab und gemeinsam fahren wir dann zu einem großen "Bunny"-Treffen nach Nürnberg. Wird wieder Zeit für die Sister Sledge-Sisters!

Am Sonntag komme ich mit vielen Fotos wieder heim und DH geht am Samstag alleine ins Stadion: BVB gegen FC Sch......, na ihr wißt schon. Daumen drücken!

Tomorrow I'll be going to Frankfurt directly after work and will pick up two ladies and then we'll carry on to the big "Bunny" meeting in Nürnberg. It's high time for the Sister Sledge sisters!

I'll come back on Sunday with hopefully lots of photos and on Saturday DH will go to the stadium to see BVB vs. FC sh....., you know who. Fingers crossed!


  1. 'We are family' so 'Let's go on a vacation'! Enjoy and best of luck to BVB.

    NB Frankfurt is the only place I've been to in Germany. All so civilised, I loved it.

  2. I'd love to be with you all! Have a great time and hug all the bunnies for me. Can't wit to see the pictures!

  3. Lola, you certainly missed a LOT of fun. Next time, my dear!

    Bellaphon, let's not talk about BVB for a while. - Wait til you see the pics from Nürnberg, it's a jewel.

  4. jaja, die Besten gewinnen halt....*fg*