Mittwoch, 19. August 2009

BVB - Real Madrid 0 : 5

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Die Stimmung war super.
The atmosphere was great.


  1. Both Alonso and Ronaldo in one shot...the Premier League is going to regret it! Normally I don't hate the Spaniards, but when it comes to football, the unsavoriness in me starts to show ;(

  2. Not only the Premier League, Bellaphon. The Germans are also angry because of the new time schedules of Sat. & Sunday football games. There's 1 game Friday night, 4 games on Sat. at 3.30 pm, 1 game on Saturday at 6.30 pm, 2 games on Sunday at 3.30 pm and the final one again at 6.30 pm. Unbelievable. Not a problem for both DH and myself because we BOTH enjoy football but for some families these times are not acceptable.