Sonntag, 3. Mai 2009

Therapeutischer Sonntag / Therapeutic Sunday

Was mir heute half:

a) mein Mann (immer bereit, mich in den Arm zu nehmen)
b) Schwimmen (klärt den Kopf)
c) ein Telefonat mit Miss Canada Dry (sie gibt die Order, nicht auf den Schuldtrip zu gehen)
d) Rhabarberkuchen backen (na ja, essen auch).

Motto des Tages: Auch das geht vorbei.


What helped me today:

a) my man (always ready to take me in his arms)
b) swimming (clears the head)
c) a phone conversation with Miss Canada Dry (she gives the order not to take the guilt trip)
d) baking a rhubarb cake (well, eating it too).

Thought of the day: This will also pass.

fertig für den Ofen / ready for the oven

bereit zum Essen / ready for eating

Bewegung / Exercise: 50 min. Schwimmen / swimming.


  1. You know, I'm so pig ignorant that I always assumed that the Brits were the only people who ate rhubarb! Beautiful cake by the way, I'll have mine with custard please.

  2. The cake looks yummy! I want to start swimming too especially since I got my new bathing suit!

  3. Bellaphon: the Czechs love rhubarb as well. Will make a note of custard.
    DCLola: I absolutely love swimmming, helps me to stay sane on days like yesterday.